Car Wash Door Lift Systems

Strapeze Counterbalance System and Torsion Springs

Strapeze Counterbalance System

  • Available up to 14' x 12' Doors
  • Recommended for Automated Doors
  • Average Life Cycle - 500,000 Cycles
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Low Cost Stap Replacement
Strapeze Counterbalance Winding Hub
Strapeze Hub

Nickle Plated Winding Hubs

nickle plated winding hub

Torsion Springs

  • Available for All Sizes
  • Recommended for Manual or Automated Doors
  • Average Life Cycle - 100,000 Cycles
  • Galvanized Springs (Stainless Steel Also Available)

Car Wash Doors Torsion Spring

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